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Gnomes plush doll holding corn and pumpkin

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A dwarf hugs corn and pumpkin, wearing a witch hat related to autumn, with a cute face design, holding corn and pumpkin in his hand, which means autumn is coming. Each size is 3 x 14 inches.

The bottom of the dwarf decoration has sand, so you can stand firmly on the table. 

In folklore, dwarves are believed to protect people from misfortune and bring good luck and happiness to the family. A warm gift for family and friends, children, neighbors and colleagues.

Lucky gnome decorates indoor houses and places them on desks, tables, sofas, windows, bookshelves, dining tables, bedsides, living rooms, mantles, haunted houses or Halloween parties.

The cute little man has a long white beard and hair, made of artificial fur. Made of polyester, filled with fiber material, soft to the touch.
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