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Folding Picnic Basket Foldable Wooden Table

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New! Folding picnic basket - wine table. Especially for you for the picnic season.

Made of pine, coated with various oils or colored varnishes.
Folded dimensions - 45 * 28 * 45 cm (17.7*11*17.7 in), unfolded - 45 * 76 * 27 cm (17.7*30*10.6 in).
Table top 69 * 45 cm (27.2*17.7 in). With cutouts for 4 glasses

Lightweight basket - about 1 kg. Unfolds in less than a minute.

Enjoy your picnic!
In order for a wood product to serve you for a long time and continue to delight you with its appearance, we recommend:
1. There is no need to wait for the stains to penetrate deeply, it is better to wipe with a damp cloth and dry the product immediately after use!
2. Do not pour water as you would on ordinary dishes, as this will promote the growth of bacteria and the swelling of the tree.
3. Do not leave highly damp, greasy, coloring products on the surface of products for a long time.
4. Wipe clean with natural detergents.
5. Do not wash in a dishwasher or reheat food in a microwave or oven.
6. Dry by wiping with a towel and leave in an open, ventilated place.

If the product is made of wood:
Has absorbed an unpleasant odor - sprinkle salt on the surface or wipe with a solution of light vinegar
Darkened - wipe with hydrogen peroxide and rinse with warm water.
Began to lose its original appearance - can be processed with sandpaper and covered with wax, petroleum jelly or linseed oil.

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