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5PCS Versatile Bamboo Cane Holder Set for Garden Plant Support

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5PCS Versatile Bamboo Cane Holder Set for Garden Plant Support

Quantity and Size: You will get 5 pcs wigwam cane grips comes Connectors with 12 holes. 6 large aperture : 1 - 2.4cm, 6 small aperture: 0.8-2cm, diameter : 13.5cm, thickness : 0.8cm

High Quality: Made from PP material, these connectors are robust and devoid of burrs, ensuring a smooth surface without scratches on your plants. They provide reliable support season after season and can be reused.

Easy to Install: With no ties required, simply insert a cane or stick through the holes at the top of the connector and push them into the ground for a stable growing frame. Installation is quick and hassle-free.

Multiple Uses: These connectors are perfect for supporting various climbing plants such as tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and sweet peas. They accommodate different sizes of bamboo canes, offering versatility in your garden.

Satisfying Effects: Experience the convenience of these plant support connectors, which reliably uphold your plants throughout the growing season. At the end of the season, their umbrella-like structure allows for easy storage, ensuring a satisfying gardening experience.

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