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4PCS Sheet Vibrant Hummingbird Glass Window Stickers - Colorful Home Decor Set Hummingbird Stained Glass

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Crafted with non-adhesive vinyl clings, these 4 Sheets Window Stickers showcase vibrant hummingbird and floral designs. Sized at 10''( 25.4cm) each, these stickers are durable, toxin-free, and offer duplex printing. The vivid colors prevent bird collisions and enhance home decor, perfect for windows, offices, or cafes.

Waterproof Vinyl Film 4PCS Sheet Vibrant Hummingbird Glass Window Stickers - Colorful Home Decor Set Anti Collision Window Decals 

Adhesion method: Electrostatic Adsorption
Material: Front PVC Electrostatic Film + Back PET Release Film.

  • Vivid Colors & Impact Resistant: The window stickers exhibit brighter hues than standard options, preventing bird collisions while adding vibrant charm to your space.

  • Enhanced Decor: Featuring unique hummingbird and floral patterns, these stickers bring an appealing, colorful touch to your home or office decor, creating a charming visual effect.

  • Adaptable Applications: Suitable for homes, offices, restaurants, and cafes, these stickers serve as appealing window and door decorations, adhering securely to glass surfaces.

  • Holiday Atmosphere: Perfect for Thanksgiving, fall, autumn, or harvest season decor, these fall-themed stickers elevate the festive ambiance, creating a captivating holiday atmosphere.
    Safety and Easy Application: Toxic-free, non-adhesive vinyl clings easily stick to clean glass surfaces without residue, ensuring safety and hassle-free application.
    Seasonal Charm: Ideal for themed parties, adding vibrant fall hues to windows for festive gatherings or celebrations.

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